How to create an animation of coils winding around two shaft?

Good morning. My name is Yuhanes Dedy and I am doing a Master program. Currently, I am still working on creating an animation of winding coil machine and the most difficult thing in creating this animation is on creating animation when the coil winds around two shafts. I use Autodesk Inventor 2011. In the attachment files, I upload two videos that show how the winding coil machine works (My Movie) and how I made the animation until now (Video). I also attach the inventor files so you can open it.
I would like to ask how to make the animation that show more similar process with the real machine. Is it possible to create such kind of animation using Inventor? Because I also got advice that it seems difficult to create such kind of animation without using 3ds Max. Please give me some advice about it. I have been thinking about how to solve this for few days, but I got no useful results. Thank you very much,

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yes, you can perform the animation. check out for Dynamic Simulation using inventor wikihelp

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