How to create Bird wing mechanism in Pro/Engineer?

i have created bird wing according to the bone structure of birds, and applied mechanism for the flapping and its working. but i need to fold the wings with the rotating movement of central gear. please suggest me some ideas.where i should add links.?

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3 Answers

what edition of proe you working at?
i.m not sure if i understand your problem.
If you want to connect gears (witch are mechanically correct)
you can use
01. gear connection in mechanism application
02. cam in mechanism application

i made a tutorial how to make a gear in proe recently " see at my profile "
i show how to connect 2 gear using gear connection

if you want to use cam. go cam > select 1 surface of 1 teeth for each gear,
you can use drag to see if the cam works

also gear connection is useful because u can just chose 2 pins make the connection and the "pins" will rotate as pitch line you input even if they are not involved

as last suggestion if those thinks wont work
for periodical motion you can use pulley

hope this help

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Bird wing is 3D mechanism. Search a internet and find a positions of wing muscles and simulate it.
Maybe a wobble plate mechanism may solve your problem.

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