how to create car surface based on aston martin V8 by using ProE 5

want to create car surface of V8

4 Answers

use style > Trace sketch > insert front, top, right view of a car you want (usual .jpg etc format).
trace sketch is great if you have blueprints.
surface design is hard in any software but if you willing to give some time i.m sure you will achieve your goal

Better U do it CATIA or solidworks ..buddy..'cos Surfacing n proE 'd take helluva lot of time..and It's quite cumbersome.;/

Depends on how much of an understanding you have with ISDX tool in proe; free curves, tangencies and how to acheive the continuity. If you have played around ISDX then let me know, it'll be easier to walk you through. Also, which version of Proe do you have?

@^ actually... surfacing in proE is very diff. instead of do it in CATIA..