How to create cylinder groove?

Hi! For my final project I have to create a working assembly of a lipstick tube. I cannot figure out how to create the grooved part in which the lipstick will be able to follow the path and twist upward. The groove must be on the inside of the cylinder. If my question is unclear, I have attached file and the part I am having trouble with is 16,17. I have tried helix/spiral and sweep cut but these features do not create the groove on the inside of the part, only the outside.

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3 Answers

i created a simple model with Inventor and the cut was working properly.

But (maybe this is your problem) the proper function depends on the definition of the cut section.

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The cut-sweep along a helix/spiral worked for me.

I only cut one of the groves and then did a circular pattern. Make sure your sketch is on the inside of the cylinder and that it is closed and pierced to the helix I have attached some screenshots and a SW 2017 part for you to look at the feature tree.

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Create the path then cut the cylinder following the path.

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