How to create jacuzzi designs in creo?

Friends I am working in a company which makes the swimming pools by mould ( jacuzzi) . I need to create some jaccuzzi designs in creo but i am feeling too hard to create . give me any tips and suggestions on creating jacuzzi designs friends.. Or else have i to learn any new softwares. I am a fresher and i joined working there this month only . thank you friends

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Jacuzzi design is going to involve some pretty complex surfaces to make everything smooth and contoured.
I don't want to say you are in some trouble, but yeah, this is a complex design.

Given that the company creates Jacuzzi's, there must be other designers and engineers that work on the projects. Hopefully, they have been there a while, and have completed several designs.
If I were a new employee, I'd start buying them coffee, snacks, or other things, and learn as much as I could from them.

If you are the only designer, see if you can find some old files that someone else made, and try to figure out how they did it.

A lot of work is going to go into this.
Smooth, complex, contoured surfaces.
Space to install filters, pumps, piping and other equipment.
Allowances to allow tools and hands to access the equipment.
Considerations for the maximum size you can mold, transport, ship, and install.
Draft angles and fillets to make molding possible.
Pattern and mold considerations for feature sizes to match available tooling, as well as any hand or mechanical finishing
Pump, piping, safety, ergonomics, and electrical requirements...

Yeah, this is not the best project to try and tackle on your own as a new hire.
I don't think new software is going to help. Stick with what you know (assuming you are a PTC Creo user).

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Sir there is only one senior engineer and he also knows nothing about design. I am the only engineer who is designing . they hired me as a priduction engineer. By knowing that i know creo they gave me some motors and pumps to design in 3d . i designed it .And there is no previous files in 3d. Till i go there there is only design with autocad made by some feeelancers. I am struggling to make those. Can u give some tips on hoe to make that bro

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They are asking me only to create a design to give demo. They are saying that they can manufacture what they think like.

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AutoCAD 2D, or AutoCAD 3D files?
Maybe try downloading this model from the library and trying to duplicate the general shape by building a new model over it in Creo? It would be like a reverse engineering project.hottub jacuzzi

Modeling individual parts (pumps, motors, pipe fittings,,,etc,) will have to happen at some point, so that is always a good place to start as you work on the tub itself in the background.

I think by modeling the above sample a few times, you'll come up with the a good workflow. From there you could start to experiment with variations in sizes, and other variables.

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Bro in that i cant do anything in model that u gave me sir

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Sir in which modeling jacuzzi can be created soli or surface modeling or sheetmetal modeling ..i have created using solid modeling it seems to be difficult one

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The file linked to above contains a STEP file which can be imported into the majority of CAD programs.

There are dozens of programs that create solids, surfaces, and sheet metal parts. If you already have Creo, and know how to use it, I'd stick with it. Learning a new program in the middle of a complex project is not the best time.

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ur image clarity is 4K kindly show better immage

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