How to create one (or more) closed surface inside a solid, depending on the thickness ?

Hi there !
In order to make an internal structure in 3D Printing, I was wondering if it was possible to extract a closed surface, inside a solid. In input I would give a thickness dimension, and I would get all the surfaces, where the thickness gets over 15 mm.
That done, I would delete the inside of this (or those) closed surface(s) and replace it with either nothing, or an internal structure. I know it is possible to display this surface with the thickness analysis tool, but how to create the surface...i've been looking in vain...

If you have any idea, I would be most grateful !

Any idea ?

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2 Answers

I think You could try to create a product and then within that product create two parts.
Then split them and extract what you need from both sides
then join the surfaces in a new part

Let me know and if it was usefull my tip!!

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