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How to create the hole of a grater?

By Ran Sherman on 23 Dec 19:22 5 answers 1 comment

I'm working with Solidworks 2014-2015 student edition, and I'm doing my final project.
I need to build a kind of a grater, and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do those tiny holes that allow the grating process to be done . I saw that it should be done via Forming tools (under Sheet tab), but I can't find a built-in hole for that exact purpose, so I was wondering if I can find a download of it or to get instructions of how to get it done.
I'm attaching the following YouTube link, demonstrating exactly what I need (check 0:20 and on):

5 answers

  • Ran Sherman
    Ran Sherman almost 3 years ago

    First, thank you for your answer.
    Unfortunately, I don't see how that Puncher is what I need - it's nicely shaped but it won't serve as a grater.
    Plus, I wish you sent that word file in English :)

  • Altug Tuncel
    Altug Tuncel almost 3 years ago

    Primarily, you create a forming tool.


    rende 1.SLDPRT, 1.41 MB
    FORMİNG TOOLS .docx, 1.53 MB
  • Ran Sherman
    Ran Sherman almost 3 years ago

    By the way, this is the forming tool I made, but I can't use it because Solid keeps crashing when I drag&drop it to the screen (why?)


    puncher.SLDPRT, 195 KB

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