How to create these complex shapes in Catia? Braided hose and compressor housing

I know this is much to ask for but I cant figure out how to make these shapes. I know there are tutorials for these in Solidworks but not Catia. Can someone please take the time to make a description, I would be very happy! Most of all the compressor housing.

I am using Catia V5 r19

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3 Answers

Use helix + sweep command for housing.

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I mean this for helix + swept. You can do both of the circle in 1 swept command. check file. version v5r21

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Thanks özgür kesebir!
I'm not that familiar with the GSD workbench and when you say the sweep command I am not sure of the proper setup? I have 2 circles in each end of the helix and I cant find that option available :/

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