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How to create Wavy Surface with Solidworks?

By Palito joyhatigoran endthen on 07 Jun 09:56 4 answers 2499 views 6 comments

What Feature/Surface, and how to create "Wavy Surface with Solidworks?
Similar with attached file below.

Thanks in advanced to any share information,
Best regards

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4 answers

  • Palito joyhatigoran endthen
    Palito joyhatigoran endthen over 2 years ago

    Thanks to share the helpfull guidance Mr. Saeid,
    It works, first got a little confused when using boundary surface to which line in direction 1 and direction 2.

  • saeid mirshahidi
    saeid mirshahidi over 2 years ago

    I hope you solved this, if you don't let me know

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