How to cut a feature from a 3d sketch along a curved surface?

I'm making a longboard, and this particular one is pretty simple, but I'm trying to model it in inventor so that I can CNC it out.

The extruded piece is the board, but I'm trying to cut out pieces along the edge to make it look like the first attatched image. Can anyone show/tell me how this is done? Thank you!

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Hi Lucas

Please accept this rough solution on your problem regarding the cut outs on each side according to your sketch...
Personally I think you approach this in a not that practical way ;P...
I can upload tomorrow a different technique for your model...
It would be easier to follow tangent surfaces and then to sculpt them...
If you are aware of these tools I believe that you would agree...
This model is not too demanding but needs you to be creative...

You have all my support



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I know what you mean I checked your model and I have to admit that it was a problem in the past for me as well...
So, what you need to do is first to stitch these three plains together (Stitch Command) ;P
Then the Split command will work properly...

Following Ady's advises a well constrained with single entities 2D sketch, will help Inventor to be less Buggy and you to have less issues ;P
(Good Comments Ady...)
Regarding the mirror personally I believe that is not a problem as you can check on the attached file!!!


I will upload the second technique as I promised to you hopefully to day!!!

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Haha wow, I am sufficiently happy, but I have no idea how you did that! haha. I just got home, so sorry for the delay in my response, but if you could somehow show me, well, any method of doing this, it would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hmph. I've been trying to go step by step from what you've done on another model, but when I try to split it, I can't select the whole plane, and an error also pops up. "Due to unforseen errors"...

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@Ioannis Skarlatakis great work!

@Lucas Carrel this are my suggestion to your Board_beggining.ipt

If you want to use surfaces to split a solid, do not use a mirrored surface.

Check your entities first before extrude into a surface. Split tool must be a single entities surface. I found that some of your curve line are duplicated.

I hope this will help you and sorry about my bad english. thanks to Ioannis Skarlatakis to his great work :) greetings from Phillipines

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Man, I love this webiste. You guys are da best, haha!

And I always start out with constrained sketches, but when I try to rotate/move them it always ends up buggin out for whatever reason.

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Just looked at a lot of your tutorial and noticed right off the bat that my idea of a well - constrained sketch is nothing similar to the sketch you started out with. How did you get it like that?

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