how to cut an angle or on the end of a weldment?

Hi, I am an engineering student trying to gain a better understanding of 3D design. I have been using solidworks 2013 and believe I am making progress with the basic concepts.

I have just started experimenting with the weldments feature and am trying to design a sub-frame using C channel, the frame is very simple in design, it consists of 2 C channel longitudinal's and a few c channel cross members.

My problem is, I want one end of the longitudinal's to be mitered to 30 degrees, to help dissipate torsional stress. I have tried to trim the ends, I have also tried playing with the extruded cut feature, I cant figure out how to cut an angled section off the C channel away.

I am sure there is something really simple that I am missing and would be greatful if somebody could point me in the right direction.

I have enclosed the part file showing how far I have got with this simple design, i want a 30 degree miter on the longitudinal members ends, where the frame is wider.

any information with regards to editing weldment parts would be very welcome.

Many thanks from a frustrated student.

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2 Answers

I just did an extruded cut. I think this is what you were asking for.

Answered with a tutorial:

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Thanks for your time and effort Steven, That helped me a lot with how I can use the extruded cut feature.

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