How to cut holes throughout the curved surface of a cylinder in Inventor


I find this answer for Solidworks, but i need how to do this in Inventor. I need to drill a hole in the side of the cylinder. I upload photo what i need.

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It is necessary to construct a supporting plane such as a tangent parallel to the surface and any available plane. Built a sketch of the hole. Further squeezing operation by a predetermined distance. In the future, you can hide the reference plane.
There are other ways, but it's hard.
Menu for plane is on the tab "3D model."

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Dear, Eugeny Krauklis

Thank you for your reply. I seen your photo, and i seen this on inventor's tutorial, but i don't understand how to create that parallel tangent plane to the surface. Can you explain me how to do that?

Thank you in advance.

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In an attachment algorithm. I have a Russian interface, - I hope the picture will help to understand.

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I did it, I need more exercises, but i know now how to do that.

Thank you Eugeny Krauklis :)

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Make a plane that stretches the side you want to cut through. Start a sketch on this plane make the circle and use the extrude tool to cut through.

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On the left of your screen,
Select the little (+) on the left of "Origin". Move you mouse pointer above the XY, XZ or YZ planes and click on the one perpendicular to the direction onto which you want the holes.
Then, go to the middle top of you screen and select create offset to plane and type in the distance you want.
Now you just select "Start 2D sketch" and draw the holes!

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Wow this is exactly my first trial on my first day of 3d model editting, have to get books for linguistic challenges and I am highly mechanised as a tradesman (watchmaker and welder) ...
So my first ever tryal was a metal incerpt Idea to my 3D print of a hex screw driver abs BIT. I spent one full night with blender 2.62. No cylinder from top to bottom of 2 flat planes... In real world, calibrating drill speed for drill bit, centerring and yadda yadda EASY...

Terms confronted : latice surface definition to define inside outside of planes, vertices/edges, language barriers with logic programming is my point, "les arrètes" , also how to define actual size of the object before print... All of this leads to where is the best e-book I can understand with a common collegiate dictionary!! Hahaha

Hole diam, through (wow translates to) how many clicks??? Really? does the industry really want me to have a home replicator being That I struggle already having 120IQ... Hahaahh wait untill I choose to program the intensity of the laser of my printer to do wax with some future evaporatable wax ( to be invented) in wire form guhhh

Love the novelties of our modern electric world.

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