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How to darft a L shape groove in solidworks

By lololamoto on 18 Feb 12:28 4 answers 220 views 0 comments

Hello, I'm facing difficulty to make a 5° angle on a L shape groove. The side of the L must slope to allow the die to get in.
I tried parsing line but it doesn't works. I'm probably doing something wrong or Draft is not the feature to use in this case.
How can I handle it?

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4 answers

  • ioan skurka
    ioan skurka 6 months ago

    3 ways: First one extrude with 5degree draft, second extrude with 5degree draft uncheck merge and then combine. 3features used in first option. second option is extrude, draft feature, extrude uncheck merge, draft and combine. 5 features used in second option. Other one is to use extrude/cut


    L groove v2 combine.SLDPRT, 54.6 KB
    L groove v1 extrude with draft.SLDPRT, 46.5 KB
  • Sudhir Gill
    Sudhir Gill 6 months ago

    Try splitting the body into two parts at the region marked in blue. After that apply draft on both of those bodies.

  • lololamoto
    lololamoto 6 months ago

    Thanks, you put me on the good track.

  • lololamoto
    lololamoto 6 months ago

    thanks, sounds like there is a lot of step involve in SW to achieve something basic. I probably get wrong habit with my modeling software.

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