How to decide the optimal thickness for plastic design ?

when we produce a plastic part with injection molding process what wall thickness should be to get strong and durable plastic part ? (plastic is from thermoplastic family)

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It depends.

Several factors such as the material and its viscosity during injection, fillers, the size of the part, strength requirements etc. play into the wall thickness decision.

Your best bet is to talk to some molders and get their input early, before getting too far down the design path. They have lots of experience and analytical tools to help narrow it down.

In general though smaller parts can get away with thinner wall sections (.030" range) and larger, hard to fill parts will want thicker wall sections (.090"+)

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Could you say what they part is being used for, and what types of loads/stresses it will see.

In the mean time, here is a link to one of the global leaders in plastics and 3D design, it will contain all of the information you are looking for:

(They also bought out GrabCAD a few years back)

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