how to design a cam in solid works?

I need to know about cam designing in solid works according to my required and different operations.

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There is a cam design tool in Toolbox.
I could give advice on this or alternative methods.

Do you have toolbox? (it comes with the Professional and Premium versions of SolidWorks)

(Bizarrely, cam mates do not work on cams created in this way!)

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first draw a 2d model of that solid,then convert that 2d to 3d solid

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hi you can run a solid work then go to (add-ins if your tool box is not active)
add- ins ----- active cheek mark solid work toolbox -------ok -------- go to tool box and design cams...

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1.just go the sketcher .
2.make the circle there and then exit the sketcher.
3.go to the features. on the extrude button.
put the value as much long you wants yours cam.

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