how to design a conveyor belt system for steaming sugar in AUTO CAD

it is a chain conveyor with a wire mesh and crossrods as shown in the file attached

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The actual design of the conveyor is independent of AUTO CAD or any other software. The conveyor is designed to have the performance for the task it is being used for. The tools for this are product catalogs from conveyor component manufacturers, the theory learned at technical college as a student, if you are likely to be involved with more conveyor designs, make a spreadsheet to do the needed calculations. The CAD software is used to produce drawings to detail what you have designed so it can be made. Whatever CAD software you have access to will do. A manually produced set of drawings can also be produced if this is all you have

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A good place to start would be the Renold website Renold manufactures roller chain, conveyor chain and other power transmission products

You can download catalogs and a design guide. When I started out in this industry you could always find a more experienced engineer in your office that could offer advice, check over your design and help you when you worked on the design of new equipment for the first time

When you are ready to produce model - drawings of the conveyor you may be able to find some of the parts on

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