How to design a "dome" featuring two curvatures in a solid part?

Dear engineers,
I need to design a "dome" using two pre-defined profiles, see attached picture. Yes, I can use a common "dome" function, but in this case I cannot control profiles. Is it possible to design a "dome" with two curvatures using "boundary boss" function from Features toolbar?

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2 Answers

You could also use Surfaces if you need to have greater tangent and curvature control for the dome. To do this draw the boundary sketch(do not use Slot for this) and two constraint curves. Then use the Filled Surface to complete the shape.

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You can do this with a loft. It uses a sketch around the edge of you base part, a point to loft up to, and an arc through that point. Loft between the point and your base sketch and then use the arc for a boundary curve. I'm sure there are others, but this came to me first. Hope it helps.

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