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how To Design a motorbike in sketchup pro

By viki li on 23 Aug 09:42 2 answers 2 comments

Hi Everybody,

i want to design a motorbike on sketchup pro i'm beginer of sketch software please tell me how to design on sketchup

2 answers

  • Matthieu “StilTeg” Frambourg
    Matthieu “StilTeg” Frambourg about 2 years ago

    Hi Viki li,
    It mostly depends on how you want the design made, based on pictures, or mechanical drawings, or other ...
    If you are not familiar with SketchUp and you just want a model of motorbike, there are many valuable on the 3D warehouse.

    If you want to model from scratch, it mostly depends on your knowledge of SketchUp and the kind of help you are seeking. Let me know if you need any help from me on a specific question.

  • viki li
    viki li about 2 years ago

    Any one please share simple motor bike sketch for practice

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