How to design a sprocket teeth when you know roller diameter and pitch of the chain?

how to design a sprocket teeth when you know roller diametre and pitch of the chain.I have a 400mm diametre wheel and i will use 40mm chain rollers.The chain will be a open loop so i want to know how to design the profile for the wheel teeth.

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Helo I am making a 8-wheel vehicle moving on a hydraulic drive with two hydraulic motors. The transfer from the hydraulic motor to the wheel will be with a chains and a sprockets. To move 15 miles per hour to make a reduction 1:10 and I want to know:
1. Is it better to use 8 teeth and 76 teeth with 2 sprockets or use 4 sprockets to get that reduction? If I use 4 sprockets will lose more energy than I would use 2 sprockets?
2. How much is the optimum distance between 2 sprockets, how big is the permissible difference of teeth between the 2 sprockets?

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first draw the reference line for the required dimensions of the sprocket teeth and then just connect with profile command... use corner and chamfer command for finishing....... good luck.........
Cheers SHYAM

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