Kaufmann Péter

How to design a vertical movement combined with rotating closing movement?

Question by Kaufmann Péter

Dear All,

Like a sandwich maker closing the "upper side", untill a point. After it, the "upper side" should move down toward in vertical direction.

Do you have mechanism like this? could you help me?

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1 Answer

Mark Amodeo
Answered on 27 Apr, 2017 10:11 PM

in Catia Kinematics I would create a guide curve that is connected by two points close together of the object to be moved just off the central rotational axis ... the guide curve would begin as an arc for the amount of degrees I want to rotate and them continue in a vertical line for the distance I want to travel downward. As the two points follow the arc they will rotate and when they get to the line they will line up and follow it down. I'll try to throw together a 3d model and post it to explain the idea as soon as I can.

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