How to design attached picture in Solidworks sheetmetal?

can any one tell me how to design this in solid works sheet matal

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2 Answers

Here are a few examples:

It is a good part to learn from, it has a few different features while not being anything over the top.
I would suggest downloading a similar model and using it as a guide to building your own. You can rollback each step and see what the original user was intending to do. It is very helpful when trying to mimic someone's thinking pattern or learn a new design technique for your own.

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In solidworks you have two options:
1. design it as a sheet metal part right from the beginning.
2. design it as a part, then convert it to a sheet metal part later.

I don't think either method will matter much, but I think option 2 may be easier. I think the only part of this design that may cause some difficulty is the ridge running down the center.

If I were asked to make this part, I'd most likely model the top or bottom surface of the part, then offset, or thicken the surface to a uniform thickness. Otherwise there is a very good chance of not maintaining the correct wall thickness if that ridge is added in manually.

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