how to design bicycle wheel on solidworks

on solidworks

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With something that is mainly round like a bike wheel I'd start with a cross section. Centered at the origin, to One side sketch a rectangle that will become the cylinder that is around the axis as well as farther to the side a cross section of the wheel rim. Remember the tire size tire you want is going to impact the inner dimension of the concave outer part of the rim just like a car rim. revolve this sketch about the axis through the origin on the same plane as the sketch but not intersecting what you sketched. now you have a basic rim but without any spokes.
Whether you want simple straight spokes or wide racing style depends on what to do next. any that are lined up nicely with a plane i would just extrude out from the center after sketching the section and then array it with the circular pattern tool about the main axis and extrude anything if necessary. the classic spoke though will require new planes which can be offset from origins easily enough and make a circle st the outer rim and another on a parallel plane that's on the inner cylinder and use the lofted base tool to create A spoke. you really do have to use this if you want that staggered spoke look of a normal wheel. make two of those that would be next to each other (opposite offsets though) and array them Both with the Circular pattern tool to make as many spokes as necessary with the axis for the pattern as the axis of the wheel. If you want all of these spoke and the ceter axis and things to be separate parts in an assembly, simply make them separately but holes will have to be extruded in the outer rim and inner axis unless you attach them using the welding option in the assembly unless you are an engineer for a bike manufacturer it is MUCH easier to just make this all one piece and can be make to look the exact same. If you want a brake pad and rotor like some nice newer bike have make those separate and part of an assembly but spokes and rims on a bike is not worth the headache of making the holes in the rim or making the spokes the exact right length and shape at the ends. Hope that helps!

ps im attaching a very basic version with guessing dimensions for reference on where I made the planes and what tools to use.

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