How to design catia for multi nut tightener and remover with DC motor

I need design within tomorrow please understand my problem..I should my project report on Saturday so please help me sir/madam

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With such a short deadline, options will be limited. Here's a first pass, I guessed at the number of nuts since it wasn't specified. Also, the nut size wasn't specified so I went with an adjustable option.

You'll need a 12v source for the DC motor.

Credit: Grabcad users Ahmed Abdelsalam for the original library spanner model and Jegannath Prabhu for the dc geared motor Nice work, Gentlemen!

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Given the late hour, I think you'll need to simplify this project. I propose the invention shown in the attached image.

One adjustable wrench + one rail mounted light = A multi nut tightener and remover with(out) DC motor. Instead you'll have a DC light. It is even better when working in the dark!

I think it will come down to salesmanship.

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