how to design conventional leaf spring?

step wise procedure of conventional leaf spring or 2d images for designing it on catia with dimension.

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2 Answers

It is realy easy, create a sketch and in this sketch draw a line, this line must have form of the leaf spring in front view, but only one line, without thickness, this line can be the neutral fiber of the leaf spring. Then get out of the sketch, and use the function "Pad", you will becom a warrning message, ignore it, and klick OK. In the Pad window mark the option thick, then you will becom a bigger Pad window, in the lowerr right corner are the thickness options. Use neutral fiber, and type the value of the leaf spring thickness in the field, and in the left side of the Pad window type the value of the Pad. Klick OK, and that is it :)

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