How to design enclosure with rounded-corners and draft angle?

Adding 1.5 degree draft angle (for injection molding) to all the sides of a half-enclosure with all rounded corners seems to be a bit of a pain, at least in Inventor.

How can I form a smooth surface which is still parametric/adjustable? Using fillets is out of the question as this adds a sharp edge to the surface (as shown in Zebra analysis). Using Boxes is not possible as it's not parametric.

Tried lofting this form, but the edges of the surfaces collides.

Please see the attached photo for reference. Thanks for any points, reward possible for successful example of this form.

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1 Answer

We managed to fix the rounded-corners with draft angle using sculpting from six surfaces, similar to what is shown here

Adding fillet setbacks relaxes the corners even further but introduces some minor inconsistencies on the form. How can we reduce the "botches" or rough transistion between the fillet setback and a 1.5 degree drafted surface?

Thanks for any responses or suggestions you might have.

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