how to design machine?

I am mechanical engineer I have interest in design I have a plane to start my own firm of design and manufacturing. I searched lot of on online how to perform design calculations how to use standards? but still I did not got anything please help me and give me resource so i can study properly how to design any parts/machines.

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Hi Tukaram good afternoon:
I have a question for you? What kind of machine are you talking about it? Think what operations are you going to make, I dont know for example, cut some bumpers, or shafts.. I think you can star to think wich will be the use, your machine will, and after that You can start, and you will be able to provide a workschedule, and If you have more questions, just send me a drawing about your machine, and I will help you how can you start the design!! also you can design any parts, thinking how is the part is operating in an assembly for example a shift in a car, or a screw in a door, something like that.Hope I can help you with my comments. and please send me your drawings machine.

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