How to design parabolic and semi elliptical leaf spring in solid works?

The dimensions are same but the design (parabolic and semi elliptical) is different

3 Answers

The geometry of a semi elliptical leaf spring and a parabolic leaf spring may look similar but the geometry is not quite the same. The parabolic spring is based on the curve plotted from a parabolic function. This is why the calculations regarding the different springs are different. Read the paper you have attached thoroughly to understand the difference. When modeling a semi elliptical spring you would sweep a profile along a path defined by a section of an elliptical curve. For the parabolic spring you would sweep this cross section along a section of curve defined by a parabolic function.

To model a leaf spring first create a path sketch which a profile of the spring will be swept along. This will give us the first leaf of our spring. We repeat this process to model any other leafs that make up the spring. Usually there will be a hole in the center of each for a bolt to fasten the leaves together.

It is now several hours since i posted my answer, above, to this question. Thinking now when making a model of a leaf spring to place in an assembly how much does it really matter in the end. The quickest way to produce a model that will do the job would be to sketch an arc that fits 3 points on a curve that approximates the parabolic curve or section of ellipse. This would take little time and would over this small section, quite close to a true parabolic curve that it would not matter. In the pre-cad days when I started out any leaf spring would have been drawn with representative arcs. with the complete specification from design calculations noted on the drawing, which the springmaker uses to make it. Leaf springs are a low tech item and 150 years ago would have been made by hand by a blacksmith with hand tools and a forge. For most purposes constructing a model by sweeping a profile along an arc that is a close approximation is all that is required and can be done quickly,