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How to design the ribs for the following part in Solidworks?

By Abhijeet on 18 Jan 03:13 1 answer 1567 views 8 comments

I am specifically looking to design the ribs rather than anything else. This part is a lofted feature rather than just a simple cylinder. This is a circle that gradually changes to something like elliptical in shape. Please take that into consideration while designing. These are some calculations for the ribs.

Thickness of the component (T)=4mm
inside radii= 0.5T=2mm
Outside radii=1.5T=6mm
Rib base thickness=0.8T=3.2mm
Spacing of ribs=8mm min.
Fillet Radii=0.5mm min
Draft angle=0.5 deg

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  • Fahad Rafi
    Fahad Rafi over 3 years ago

    try revolve

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