How to desin Plastic injection mold using NX4. Please help me

Give me most use tools

2 Answers

Hi, Once you have opened your part you then run the MOLDED PART VALIDATION funtion, select your faces and change their colours, Then run the WALL THICKNESS CHECK, start the MOLD WIZARD application and Start with INITIALIZE PROJECT and select your raw material and shrinkage, use the WORKPIECE TOOL and select dimensions for your block, then use the CAVITY TOOL to select the cavity and core and split the block., PATCH LOOPS SELECTION and patch by using cavity or core, use PARTING MANAGER to create ribbon sheet, Then use the AUTO CAVITY CORE FEATURE, THEN USE MOLD BASE MANAGER to select your plate thicknesses for die sets and pillars and bushes etc using catalogs, then use the STANDARD PART MANAGER and select ejectors and core pins etc, insert sprue bush and then use the POCKET MANAGEMENT TOOL, then use STANDARD PART MANAGEMENT and use the EJECTOR PIN PLOT feature and place the parts where necessary using POINT CONSTRUCTOR, select BILL OF MATERIAL TOOL and your mold assembled and parts list will be generated. your mold is now complete. Let me know if you need help.

nx8.0 Plastic injection mold