how to develop the blank of sheet metal components ,file from import from other software ,

thanks in advance

3 Answers

Please specify the question again. I have no idea what you are asking here...

i have a model of sheet metal model (ex: press component like forming or embossing type ), this model i have import from other software. now i want to develop for blanking tool or stage component , how can i do that .

Okay I think I got what you mean. Use the imported sheet metal model to make another solid that would represent the tool used to make the press/emboss/blank feature. You can do this by WAVE linking the surfaces of the blanked part of the sheet metal or by making a solid and removing material from it with Boolean operators.

When you have a solid that represents the tool to make those blankings, then you can use it in a blank sheet metal by moving the solid on to the sheet metal where you want to use it. You have to position the solid tool in the sheet metal. Then use "Insert - Punch - Solid Punch".

Solid Punch tool lets you make any kind of blanking tool you ever want, just model a solid that represents it and you're ready to use it.

Here's one tutorial I quickly found from youtube.