How to dimension arc length in CATIA v5

How do you dimension an arc length in a sketch? In Solidworks you would pick both end points and then the arc and it would give you a dimension, but in CATIA I cannot figure it out.

I have a profile with a fixed overall length with the last leg an equation. When I adjust the shape of the profile the overall length should stay the same. However, without a dimension of the arc to call on, I can't finish the equation.

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1 Answer

There is not a function to dimension a arclenght in a sketch direct. But it is easy, the lenght of an arc (if it is a arc of a circle) is:

L = R * ALFA

L - Arc lenght
R - Radius of arc
ALFA - Angle of the arc (in radians)

So you can parametrize it, and define in the sketch your arc with them radius and angle.

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