How to dimension to intersection points on radiused corners in Inventor drawings

When a corner is radiused and two faces that are angled to each other how do you dimension to the intersecting edges on the drawing

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If I understand correctly, you are trying to dimension to the intersection point or the work point of two edges. The physical intersection point no longer exists because its a radius feature?

Select the dimension tool, select the first edge that will project to form part of the intersected work point (a dimension will appear on the drawing - ignore this) right click and select the option 'intersect'. Now select the second edge. The dimension should now have snapped to the intersection of the two lines selected. You can now select the other end of the feature being dimensioned and place the dimension on the drawing etc...

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Hi John could you upload a image of what you are looking for that way you will be sure to get the right answer!
Thank you

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