How to do a logo engraving in a model..??

want to do logo engraving in solidworks..

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Engraving is basically just an extruded cut, and that starts with a sketch so you have to sketch the logo. There are a couple tools that can assist with this, one is the Sketch Picture which allows you to import a jpg, gif, etc. into a sketch so you can trace over it.

Start a new sketch, go to Tools>Sketch Tools>Sketch Picture and import an image file. You can adjust the transparency, size, location etc. You can now use the image as a reference to create your sketch.

There is also an Autotrace feature add in. Search the Solidworks help for more information on this. I've had limited success using it. If you download my Colt pistol model (link below) you can see the Colt logo engraved on the slide. I used Autotrace and cleaned up the results to make that. Best I can tell, you need a clean, high contrast, high resolution image for it to work. I had to make the Colt image huge, Autotrace it, and then scale it way down.

Hope this helps!

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if you want to do an engraving on a non planar surface you can use the Wrap Feature it will give you a more realistic look..

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I engrave or extrude text onto things all the time and have never even touched the wrap feature, thanks J E Paz, you have just saved me some headaches as I always get into complex reverse offset project type situations!!

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wrap feature does not work on spherical surfaces though... you can just split-line the word you want to engrave, create offset surfaces of the letters, then thicken the surfaces with merging modies, and then by combine feature, you can add the word, or substract them.

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isit possible to change the dimensions after auto trace? i cant find any useful information using google.

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