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How to do a Plastic Mold... FASTER !!

By Manolo Valenzuela on 21 Sep 17:32 1 answer 432 views 0 comments

Using Basic KeyCreator CAD Direct Design.

Can you do it faster with your parametric software?
Ask for the 3D part.

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Power Saw with Side Actions__-Plastic Part Body.x_t, 2.04 MB

1 answer

  • Deon van Zijl
    Deon van Zijl over 1 year ago

    I am no expert in mold design but if i had to do it in SolidWorks, I would use the cavity function seeing that you already have the part with all its mold angles. Just a few steps is necessary to get the basic design before an expert do all the blow holes ens.

    See the model (How to do a Plastic Mold... FASTER !!)

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