How to do a pressure test in Solidworks

I'm actually having an intern at an engineering company, and my supervisor is throwing me at the far side of the pool. I know the basics of Solidworks, but I dont know how to exactly perform a pressure test.

I have a cyclone, and I was asked to test the pressure inside. How do I do that? I've looked through SW tutorial, I understand how that works, but not for my cyclone. Its supposed to withstand 40 bar pressure (including the inlet pipe). In terms of PSI I guess its something like (40*14.5). But we're trying to test the extreme and see if it can hold 100 bar, then we will decide on the wall thickness.

The attachment is just something of what it looks like, not a complete version, but its that model.
Its really crazy to be thrown to the deep end of the pool like that, but its a project I enjoy doing, and I'm willing to learn. Please help, anyone?

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1 Answer

save a version in 2012 and dump the email address

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