How to do a time lapse animation of solidworks assembly?

Hi, I'm trying to do an animation showing the relative angle of the sun"s azimuth to a buildings roof pitch in summer and winter.

Essentially I'd like to do a 10-15 odd second animation with the first half showing the sun tracking from dawn to dusk in summer and the second half the same for winter

I currently have a sw assy and I can render this with an alpha channel so that I can do the background separately in another program should I need to.

Any idea whether I can do it all natively in sw without banging my head against the wall too hard? Should I be exporting my geometry to another program all together? (appearances have been mapped already plus I'm comfortable in photoview).

I've considered rotating the environment but with what I currently know I'd have to do it manually for each frame and then reset the floor height for winter; rinse and repeat.

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