How to do analysis of a leaf spring in ansys?

i mean what all constraints should be used.for example,joints between leaf spring end and shackle,joint between shackle and main frame.

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use transient analysis and input the time intervals per loading in front and rear joints to the chassis.


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U have to go for static structural
main thing is boundary condition
the both and is hinged and give middle surface to load than solve it u will get like this result.

Answered with a tutorial:

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can I get the the dimension of your design my project is based on catia and ansys only???????/

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Your model is simillar with one present in Facebook page ANSYS Workbench.
Now, I will repeat here the basic constraints: on extreme position as boundary conditions use Remote Constraints (all direction must have degree of freedom 0, except rotation along axes of bolts), force must applied on the middle side of geometry, use mesh with medium density and 8Nodes/Element, use between layers of spring contact with friction (Augment Lagrange with Friction).

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