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How to do Assembly of any product?

By Karthik Tsalla on 06 May 12:01 5 answers 632 views 0 comments

please give with on example and basics of Assembly in catia?

5 answers

  • Austin R.
    Austin R. about 3 years ago

    Hi Dear,
    Assembly Design is easy to use and powerful. The basics of product
    structure, constraints, and moving assemblies and parts can be learned
    quickly.In this tutorial you will understand the power of associativity in CATIA
    creating design in context and realising operations directly in the assembly

  • Karthik Tsalla
    Karthik Tsalla about 3 years ago

    Im Very thankful to get those answers from you ... Austin R.

  • Austin R.
    Austin R. about 3 years ago

    Always welcome dear.

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