How to do configurations of couple of dimensions?

F.e. I want insert a part with 3 holes. Each of them I want to decide if its 10, 20, 30 or 40 mm diameter. How to do design table/configurations without putting in every combination of these diameters in rows?

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refering to this metod:

The way that i think you can do that is:

you create the sketch wit the 3 circles you want to extrude-cut, then you
create the number of configurations you need (the combinations possible with 3 holes of 4 values each one), Then you must configure each dimension for the desired configurations with the value you want. so you only have to change the values 4 times for each circle.

The other option i think is to make each operation in one diferent configuration and then each dimension of each operation in one separated sub-configuration. then rigth click on the operations and configure. it will pop pup a configuration table, then you can check/uncheck suprime in the desired configuration... like it was an truth table with bolean operators

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