How to do crash analysis in Ansys classic?

Hi, is there any tutorials which i can follow to do my crash analysis for iges file using ansys classic?

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To do the impact analysis in ansys classic you must take into account the solver transient with large deformations activate. Also you must take into account the contacts and elements use (I recommend you to use element with 8Nodes/Element). Use a small increment time. Start with a mesh with a density lower to medium, necessary to establish your initial convergence. Don't forget to add damping on your materials or model. Try to respect the contacts use in real model and try to represent them in simulation.

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i need a car crash test analyse in ansys. i need files if you guys have some can u send it all?

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u have to do in ansys explicite dynamics it is easy way to do.
u have done with one wall is fixed and simple car gave boundary condition like velocity and than generate mash and solve it.
main thing is time step u have consider your velocity and give time step from this velocity.

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