how to do dimension table in nx

that means by changing the dimensions in the dimension table, we could change the shape of the model

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pl tell me how to bring a spread sheet and edit the parameters in spread sheet only

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Insert -> Table -> Tabular Note...

...and place the table on your drawing with the upper left-corner where you need it to be. Now select the note (it's best to select it at that upper left corner and make sure the entire table is highlighted), press MB3 and select the 'Edit Using Spreadsheet' option. What will happen is that an empty Excel document will be opened and added to the current Excel session. Now just copy & paste the desired rows and columns from your original Spreadsheet into this new one making sure that the first cell is 'A1' (upper left corner). Now close the spreadsheet and you will be asked...

Do you want to update the current tabular note with the contents of the spreadsheet?
Press OK to update the tabular note and exit.

...and you will be given 3 choices...

OK - Cancel - Discard

...OK will complete the operation, Cancel will halt the update but leave you in the spreadsheet and Discard will close the spreadsheet WITHOUT updating the tabular note.

Once a tabular note has been created in can be updated with new spreadsheet data using the same procedure outlined above. Also if you attempt to manually edit any one of the cells of the tabular note it will automatically launch Excel and you will be asked to make your changes there since this note is now stored in NX as a 'spreadsheet record'. Note that this will NOT be your original spreadsheet but rather an embedded record (there will be no separate .xlsx file saved somewhere on the system) in the NX part file itself. So if you wish to reconnect to the original spreadsheet you will need to first open your spreadsheet and then do the edit and use the cut & paste process again as outlined above when I described how to get your spreadsheet data into the tabular note in the first place.

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