how to do fillet in solidworks?

I try to perform a fillet b/w closed circle and line, it is a 2d sketch or drawing of catia..but it doesn't allow same in solidworks why ?

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2 Answers

To create a fillet in a sketch:

In an open sketch, click Sketch Fillet art\FILLETTL.gif on the Sketch toolbar, or Tools, Sketch Tools, Fillet.

Set the properties in the Sketch Fillet PropertyManager.

Select the sketch entities to fillet.

You can select non-intersecting entities. The entities are extended at a virtual intersection, and the corner is filleted.

To select the sketch entities, you can select two sketch entities or select a corner.

When you select a sketch entity, then hover over another sketch entity, a preview appears.

When you select the second sketch entity, the preview changes colors.

When you hover over a corner, a preview appears.

When you select the corner, the preview changes colors.

Drag the preview to adjust the fillet size if necessary.

Click OK to accept the fillet.

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Trim the circle and do try it you can do fillet or extrude the sketch and do fillet

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