How to do load analysis on leaf spring in Solidworks

I have a leaf spring that I want to design and determine if the camber and overall geometry I use is sufficient. I have to use four single springs set around a 300lb piece. the springs will be used to offset elements to keep the 300lb piece in place as it rises and lowers.

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Hi ,you want to analyse your leaf spring.
Go to the simulation express workspace and follow the following steps
>Just give fixture to your leaf spring means fix the required geometry of the part
>After fixing apply the desired load from load option and click next
>Define material which should be applied to the spring
>Now you can define mesh formation by applying material change setting
> Now after applying mesh and force calculate it and it will take a mean while
>After calculation u would have three optiond
c.Stress analysis
Chosing any one will give u the result and u can run the simulation to see actual variations and and u can apply redesign process

Gud luck

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