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how to do pattern in sketcher mode in pro e

By satish on 09 Mar 04:45 6 answers 0 comments

while creating a part i want to use pattern in pro sketcher mode it is possible or not

6 answers

  • jure
    jure over 4 years ago

    Answer is quite simple... you can't
    ProE is manly focus to use pattern of the features rather than pattern inside sketch.
    Walk aroud is simple Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V of the features.

  • rakesh
    rakesh over 4 years ago

    You can't use Pattern commend in sketcher, but you can surely use mirror command (by drawing construction center line) to do pattern.

    Its all up to your creativity & imagination to get pattern...

  • krunal
    krunal over 4 years ago

    if u r work in part module that time u make a sketcher pattern in sketcher mode..1st make a sketch and after select pattern u done a pattern..

  • jehan kothari
    jehan kothari over 3 years ago

    use geometry pattern :)but u need to come out of sketcher mode...then you can patter your sketch easily

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