How to do pave or grain setting on any surface in Rhino?

I am learning Rhino 5 for jewellery designing and i am struck at doing pave or grain settings on any curved surface. Please anyone can help me?

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Plz mention exactly what u want , in pave setting there's no need for any grain or prong. However if you are doing pre-cutting(grain) then create a ellipse(grain) of .4 mm, extract isocurve on ur curved surface(where u want ur grain to be). Using orient on surface , place the ellipse on the end point of isocurve. Then do array along curve by selecting ellipse. If u want ur grain intersecting diamonds then extrude .7mm circle to .8 mm or whatever the prong size is. Orient the prong on surface. U have it. Youtube how orient on surface works in rhino

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