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how to do setting for selecting constraint mode continously

By Sameer Bhardwaj on 28 Jan 05:08 6 answers 1 comment

i am not be able to choose constraint mode continuously,

need to select every time constraint mode every time

6 answers

  • Hugo Alanis
    Hugo Alanis over 2 years ago

    Hy mi friend, maybe you can give a double click on constraint command and inmediately show it a orange color, and after that you could dimension continuosly, and I think you won't have problems.

    Hope this help you.

    I attach you a picture for reference.

    please let me know your comments.


    constraint command.pdf, 6.21 KB
  • Amol Walhe
    Amol Walhe over 2 years ago

    dear friend you have to double click the constrain tool i.e. power click
    then also its not working means problem with your mouse or your selelction/click method is wrong...

  • Hugo Alanis
    Hugo Alanis almost 3 years ago

    Hi Friend, I dot unsderstand very well your comments,

    could you explain us more detail to help you!!

    Best Regards,

  • Sameer Bhardwaj
    Sameer Bhardwaj almost 3 years ago

    Hi Hugo,

    I am working in catia V5, during working whenever i am using constraint command, after every single dimension command got off, need to select again command, I want to know how to do setting and i will select continuous this command.

    Best Regards
    Sameer Bhardwaj

  • 'Bhavesh Shiyani
    'Bhavesh Shiyani over 2 years ago

    just double click on command....It Will Repeat command automatically.

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