how to do the attached fig in solidworks?

I want to form a metal by using bulk metal forming technique. So i need your help to know how to do this task. It would be great help for me

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Sketch 1/2 of the part cross-section and use that sketch for a revolved boss/base feature and you will have it.

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The paperwork indicates the assignment is to create a plan for how to form this product. Making the models in SolidWorks is the easy task. The more complex task is deciding how to manufacture the parts and the steps involved.
Without more information, my first thought is to use a lathe. But, depending on the material, and use, you could also consider casting, or forging/forming methods.
From there, you'll need to describe the steps involved in the process, have models showing each step of production, and create a "technical plan"... Whatever that is.
Hopefully there were additional details provided in class which go beyond the limitations of this single sheet of paper.

What Bulk Metal Forming Technique do you intend to use and describe?

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i have to do the back extrusion simulation in solidworks. This is the final part which i have to get after extrusion

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