How to do the edge fillet in Knuckle joint in CATIA

I got stuck in the final stage of part design of Knuckle joint where you use the fillet to make a curved edge between the octagon and the square. How to do it in CATIA

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Go to the option insert ------->dress up features-------> you can choose the fillet you want

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This is how it came out when I used the edge fillet

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Might be a mistake in the part design once go through that and tell me back kaviya

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Not a 'fillet' but a chamfer, with a generous tool lead-in radius. A good design will follow the manufacturing method IMO.

This is simply a swept cut as shown in the attached; the chamfer width & angle defined in one sketch, the swept path defined in another.

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use revolve and remove the material... best and easy way, you may use surface commands it'll make modeling easy...

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