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how to do tthe motion of a robot in solidworks

By Charly LaMerveille on 06 Apr 18:14 3 answers 0 comments

please help me i must apply moviment to a robot which i am doing with my classmate
it is a robot with a actuator . the robot must tilt when the actuator go off.
i hope you understand

3 answers

  • Sudhir Gill
    Sudhir Gill over 4 years ago

    Use Event based motion in SolidWorks.

  • Charly LaMerveille
    Charly LaMerveille over 4 years ago

    thanks very much but i don't understand event based motion because it seems difficult for me if you can help me more by some examples

  • Sanguine Shukls
    Sanguine Shukls over 1 year ago

    Hi, I also have the same question. Will let you know if i get any useful info.

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