How to do videos that have the rendered bodies in solidworks or are there any other softwares which will give the rendered parts in the video?

i want real time effects or rendered parts in a video can these kind of videos be made in solidworks?

if no then which software would give is me that.

4 Answers

First make sure that you have PhotoView 360 active in SolidWorks. When it is active you will have the additional option of "PhotoView" available in the Render drop down window when you save your animation. This will give you high quality rendered images in the video.

i got that but can you explain me about the compression quality and how to be sure that the video quality is very nice.
i did a video but i got some yellow patches in between which was not nice. can you help me with this too

I get the best results saving to AVI format with the frame rate set above 25 frames per second to eliminate flicker and no use of compression. I also increase the image quality in SolidWorks and the output image quality in PV 360 before rendering.

the time for rendering takes a huge time is there any other software that does the rendering in a less time.
for 35 sec video it took nearly 15 hours of rendering.